Faith Building Confessions pt 2

Faith Building Confessions pt 2

Confession For Keeping My Focus on My Father

And Not On What’s Going On Around Me.


I am not moved by what I see, feel or experience. I have the God kind of faith. My focus is upon my Father.

God’s Word is in my heart and in my mouth.

I have spoken my faith and I believe I receiveĀ  ___(fill in)____.

Although I may not have seen the physical results as of yet, I know I have them and am unmoved by negative circumstances.

Thank you, God, that I have a great High Priest in heaven, and His Name is Jesus Christ. He said I can have whatever I say.

So, out of the abundance of my heart, I speak the Word of God over my situation. YOUR WORD NEVER FAILS!

Foundation Scriptures: Romans 10:8, Mark 11:23-24, James 2:17, Hebrews 4:14-16, Matthew 12:34


We would love to hear how God has blessed you through this, if you can, please leave us a comment letting us know! We enjoy praising God for His Goodness.

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