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Love God, Love His Word, Love People, Reconcile People Back to God.


Home Property: Post Office Box 250, 401 North Oak, Advance, MO  63730-0250

The Sanctuary: 20795 Co Rd 204 Advance, MO 63730


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Sunday All Sunday services are held at The Sanctuary / Worship Service and Children’s Church- 10 am. / Prayer Meeting – 5:30pm / Evening Worship Service – 6:00pm / Tuesday At the Home Property /Joshua Generation (Youth and Kids) – 6:00pm / Wednesday At the Home Property / School of Discipleship – 7:00pm / Saturday At the Home Property / Prayer Meeting – 6:30pm


Devotion For January 23

Always Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place. 2 Corinthians 2:14 NKJV Did you know that victory is always yours — that it actually belongs to you? The key word in the scripture above is always. The knowledge that God always causes us to triumph gets rid of the “win a few, lose a few” philosophy people are so fond of. I’ve had people say, “But, brother Jerry, I haven’t always triumphed.” My answer is always the same: “Well, we know that’s not God’s fault because the Bible says God always leads us in triumph. What some fail to realize is this: just because the Word says God always leads us to triumph in Christ, it doesn’t mean we will never be attacked or have adversity. It is what we do during the attack that determines whether we win or lose. I made up my mind years ago that I would never accept failure. Since that time, I’ve experienced setbacks and I’ve faced many opportunities to fail. But I’ve learned that the battle is never over until God has an opportunity to turn what seems to be a defeat into a triumph. No matter what kind of persecution, adversity, or attack you may be under, according to God’s Word the victory is already yours. You can get discouraged and choose to give up before it comes, but I am totally convinced that God already has a victory planned for you. You have the potential to experience triumph in every situation —... read more

Advance First Weekly Podcast

Worthy! pt 2

by Pastor Brad Moore | Preaching Through Revelation

Children's Ministry Lessons

Tables of the Heart

From Tables of Stone to the Tables of the Heart

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Brad, Leigh Ann, and Leighton Moore

Brad, Leigh Ann, and Leighton Moore

Lead Pastors
Ronnie, Tammy and Natalie McAtee

Ronnie, Tammy and Natalie McAtee

Debbie Berry

Debbie Berry

Associate Pastor
Cory and Becca Townsend

Cory and Becca Townsend

Youth Pastors
Kathy Berry

Kathy Berry

Minister of Music


2020 Is The Year Of

The Mouth!